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Our passion, Commitment & Experience lead us to be in this level

We work with you as a business partner so we really want your business to grow


It was a great opportunity to work with Mahmood and the team it's absolutely worthy


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الان لانتهيت من الكورس شكرا على طريقة شرحك
انتهيت منها وانا اقول
متى اصير وحش


بدي اشكر الاخ محمود على طريقة الكلام الرائعه الي
شفناها في المحاضرات ان شاء الله في تقدم
دائما الى الامام مع رفقة الاستاذ محمود الاشقر 💪🏻


اشكر بالمرتبة الاولى الاستاذ محمود على ما قدمه في هذه الدورة من زخم المعلومات
والتجارب المفيدة ونصيحته لاكثر من نقطة هامة في امور الاعلان والمادة
الاعلانية والشكر موصول طبعا للطاقم خلف الكواليس وبانتظار الدورة الثالثة
دمتم بخير طبتم وطابت جمعتكم


انا بتشكر من قلبي الاستاذ محمود الرائع على شرحه
الوافي وانا خلصت الكورس والحمدلله اني استفدت كتير وكانت رحلة رائعة وصدقا بعد الكورس اختلفت نظرتي
تماما للعمل اون لاين زاد عندي الحماس والثقة اكتر وايضا المعلومات بهاد العمل
موفقين جميعا يارب


اشكر الأخ .. الاستاذ محمود الاشقر على الكورس الأكثر من رائع والذي يميزه بغزارة
المعلومات التي بلا شك هي مفتاح البدأ بمجال التجارة الالكترونية تمَيز الكورس
بعرض اهم الجوانب الاساسية لهذا العمل وفتح رؤية وافاق للتركيز على بعض
الجوانب للعمل بها مثلا انا Affiliate تغيرت نظرتي لموضوع ال
والان بعد هذا الكورس تحمست للتركيز عليه وعلى كل ما يخصه ولذلك اريد ان اشكرك استاذ محمود . واسمحلي ان اخاطبك ب كوتش اذا سمحت .. لأنك لم تخفي في هذا الكورس اي معلومة وانا على
ثقة بأنك لن تبخل على اي شخص بمعلومة او استشارة في مجال الاون لاين .. دمتم بخير وجزاك الله خيرا على هذا العلم


They are an experts in Conversion Optimization






So What’s next?

    • We know how to make a simple tweak to almost any landing page that will increase conversions by up to 300%!
    • We’ve discovered how to write Google and Facebook ads that use psychological triggers.
    • We’ve discovered the secret “scroll stopping” strategy for Facebook Ads.
    • We know how to uncover large new “starving crowds” of prospects in ANY market.
    • We will beat your best campaign OR We work for free until we do!
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Hikmet Acar

Hosni Dami

Yasser Sabbagh

Mohamad Yasser AlAkkad

Mohamad Kahlos

Mohamad Daas

Ragip Mola AlMosa

Bahaa AlDeen Haware


OUR 100% Full Time Staff
Mahmoud Alashqar Head of Growth
Waleeda Kraidi Graphic Designer
Amer Gehya Full Stack Web Developer
Ammar Bareesh Senior Front End Web Develober
ABDURRAHMAN DARWEESH Email Marketing & Automation specialist
AREEJ Content Strategist
BUSHRA Creative Specialist
ISLAM SEO Specialist
KHALED Dr. Lens Media Specialist
MAHMOUD OMAR Growth Manager
Ammar Yasser Digital Strategist
SAFAA Social Media Strategist
Dalia Sharqawi Digital strategist
THANAA Full Stack Web Developer
Ragip Mosaallam E-commerce Solutions Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Digital Sales Agency actually do?

It starts with research and ends with analysis. A good digital Sales agency will research your market and your audience to know them by heart. Then it will execute performance analysis for all your channels to determine the most suitable strategies for your business. A well-performing agency will do a continual evaluation to ensure achieving progress and the perfect balance between budget and results. But at Bzns Monster we’re never satisfied with just balance. We are keen on crushing the competition and making your business rock by turning visitors into loyal customers. We reach the biggest ROI by choosing the best effective marketing strategies.

How do I know that I will get a return on my investment?

We always keep our words. We give guarantees that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We work for free until we achieve what we have promised. We think you need no more proofs so go check our services pages and let your business journey start with Bzns Monster.

Why is Bzns Monster the best digital Sales agency?

We won’t spam this section with meaningless words and achievements. We always let numbers talk and this is our top strategy. Bzns Monster is a full-stack agency where you can find all the digital services your business needs in just one place (ONE STOP SHOP). With thousands of sales, 70 different industries, and hundreds of satisfied clients, we were considered as one of the fastest-growing agencies in 2020.

What does digital Sales include?

Here there is no right answer. Every business should be treated differently because what works with others might be a waste for you. Even with the same industry and the same target audience, your business still has a unique story and specific different needs. That’s why we follow customized strategies. We study and analyze your business and your target audience then we decide the best effective strategies from hundreds of highly proven techniques. One size never fits all and you deserve an outstanding online performance for your business.

Can you guarantee results?

The deal is simple. We work for free till we hit the target. We offer guarantees at all our services