Dear Business Builder,

Time to catch the vibe! We all know that successful cousin or friend who makes tons of dollars through selling online.

You sit with him several times to know the smart guide to creating an online store, but you end up confused without a single glimpse of where to start.

We are here to be your journey partner.

Building an online store could be your perfect option to call yourself an entrepreneur or at least a worth-investing secondary income.

The good news here is that you don’t have to worry about anything because we got you covered.

All you have to do is get an idea about what you’re going to sell and leave the rest to us.

Bzns Monster will make your project rock through

1. Researching the Market

Before being besties with your customers and knowing their pains and gains, we would research the market to know your competitors and all the methods and approaches they use to make you always ahead of the competition.

2. Creating your brand

It was never just a logo from a weak logo generator website.
We will make a full astonishing brand identity for your business including name,
the tagline, marketing story, logo, color palette, fonts, imagery, tone of voice, social media appearance, and shortly we’ll turn your random idea into a stable unique brand.

3. UI/UX Solutions

Simplicity here is the answer.
Customers need a simply unique experience to choose your website over the competitors.
Every element matters including the size and color of every word.
With the UI/UX solutions, you’ll guarantee a unique simple visually appealing user experience for your customers.

4. Crafting the marketing strategy

They say the hardest step is the first one but we believe that all the struggles happen in the middle where you can’t reach your desired destination or return to the beginning.
The answer here is a marketing strategy that keeps your business moving forward.
We won’t test, we’ll directly apply all the strategies and techniques that will turn visitors into loyal customers.

5. Professional Content writing and management

Before your customers buy, they need to trust.
Here comes the role of content. You need content that sells and customers need content that helps.
What if we could gather the two tracks in one? We’ll provide all the needed content formats for your website including blogs, videos, infographics, descriptions, and much more.
Your store will shine with words and most importantly we’ll manage your content consistently to be updated all the time.

6. Managing the products

A good store is defined by its products.
Here we handle each detail about the product starting from its usage and description to pricing, listing, and Product marketing.
We follow the most profitable product life-cycle management strategy.

7. Enterprise Security

Losing your clients’ data, getting your website hacked, and losing clients’ trust are all nightmares that can easily be avoided.
You have to ensure your clients that their information is private and protected.
We’ll use highly professional strategies and techniques to make your website a top authorized store.

8. Multilingual CMS

Don’t build limits to your business. Grow internationally and reach customers from all over the

world. We’ll build a multilingual content management system that produces web content in multiple

languages. It’s time for your business to reach the stars.

9. Rich Personalization Capabilities

Customers today are searching for brands that listen to them and pay attention to their specific wants and needs. Seeing your name in the email subject line is no longer a revolution anymore. Customers expect personalized content, solutions, and recommendations and we are here to provide a unique experience for each customer.

Imagine opening a website that feels like it was made and designed specifically for you.
Our Personalization Capabilities will make the dream come true.

10. Handling payment gateways

It’s time to get your money and calculate your profit. As a Stripe partner, we will make the safest connection between Stripe and your store. In addition, We can even establish an American company for you from scratch, make a bank account, and finally link it with Stripe and your store. We are keen on making you gain your money in the easiest safest way.

Building the online store

You can’t invest in a land that isn’t yours.

We are going to build the whole website with the easiest most profiting user experience and make it all yours.

So What’s next?

    • We know how to make a simple tweak to almost any landing page that will increase conversions by up to 300%!
    • We’ve discovered how to write Google and Facebook ads that use psychological triggers.
    • We’ve discovered the secret “scroll stopping” strategy for Facebook Ads.
    • We know how to uncover large new “starving crowds” of prospects in ANY market.
    • We will beat your best campaign OR We work for free until we do!
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Amer Gehya Full Stack Web Developer
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ABDURRAHMAN DARWEESH Email Marketing & Automation specialist
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Digital Sales Agency actually do?

It starts with research and ends with analysis. A good digital Sales agency will research your market and your audience to know them by heart. Then it will execute performance analysis for all your channels to determine the most suitable strategies for your business. A well-performing agency will do a continual evaluation to ensure achieving progress and the perfect balance between budget and results. But at Bzns Monster we’re never satisfied with just balance. We are keen on crushing the competition and making your business rock by turning visitors into loyal customers. We reach the biggest ROI by choosing the best effective marketing strategies.

How do I know that I will get a return on my investment?

We always keep our words. We give guarantees that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We work for free until we achieve what we have promised. We think you need no more proofs so go check our services pages and let your business journey start with Bzns Monster.

Why is Bzns Monster the best digital Sales agency?

We won’t spam this section with meaningless words and achievements. We always let numbers talk and this is our top strategy. Bzns Monster is a full-stack agency where you can find all the digital services your business needs in just one place (ONE STOP SHOP). With thousands of sales, 70 different industries, and hundreds of satisfied clients, we were considered as one of the fastest-growing agencies in 2020.

What does digital Sales include?

Here there is no right answer. Every business should be treated differently because what works with others might be a waste for you. Even with the same industry and the same target audience, your business still has a unique story and specific different needs. That’s why we follow customized strategies. We study and analyze your business and your target audience then we decide the best effective strategies from hundreds of highly proven techniques. One size never fits all and you deserve an outstanding online performance for your business.

Can you guarantee results?

The deal is simple. We work for free till we hit the target. We offer guarantees at all our services